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The 'W E Johns Appreciation Society' and 'Biggles & Co' meet regularly in the UK. Biggles & Co meet in Twyford in April and WEJAS meet in Derby in October. Some people attend both meetings, and many contribute articles to the magazine Biggles Flies Again. This website hopes to serve all these interests, and welcomes all those interested in the life and work of W E Johns. All are welcome to our small, friendly meetings, no need to "join" anything. There are talks by participants, opportunities to browse the bookstalls and artwork on display, take part in a quiz, and enjoy meeting other enthusiasts.

The Royal Air Force Museum at Hendon will have a series of Johns event October 2017.  During the week of 16th October there will be lectures and a Biggles trail using the current First World War in the Air exhibition.  It is particularly interesting that the Museum will display Johns' own experience as a wartime bomber pilot.

Next Twyford meeting April 2018.  If you would like to give a talk at the meeting, we will be very pleased to hear from you!  Book here.

Next Derby meeting
14th October 2017

David Drummond (Bertie) spoke about the 1960s TV series
at The Club for Acts and Actors.  Report here

The First World War in the Air - exhibition at the RAF Museum, Hendon

Great "Flight" magazine archive now available
Almost every issue of "Flight" magazine from 1909 to 2005.  You might even have one of the few missing issues to complete the archive!  If so, let them know.

Your letters, news, reviews, and comments are welcome!  Please send to the Editor. There is worldwide interest in Biggles, and we'd love to hear from overseas visitors to this website.


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